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It’s the Centenary Year

So it’s the Centenary Year for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.  The celebrations started in Queensland, in September 2009, with the event Girl’s Celebrate.  The official Centenary Event occurred in Victoria, in January.  ACE, a week-long event was home to 2500 girls and Leaders, and what a home I hear it was!

The celebrations, in true Australian Guiding style, will finish in 2013, at FanTAStic, of course, the celebrations and fun won’t stop there, and we’ll begin working towards an even bigger 200 years!

As a young Leader I often get asked the question, “Oh, Girl Guides, does that still exist?” followed by a statement about once being a Brownie Guide.  These statements were far more abundant in the days when there was what seemed to be a lull, in the membership of girls, or it seemed that way in my hometown.  As time moved on, so did the trends, and the cyclic trends are true even in Guiding.  Membership is increasing, and so is media coverage, and I’m hearing the dreaded question less and less.  I am still being told that we’re just like Scouts however.  This is just not true. 

And so the reasoning behind my Blog has come about.  As a young Leader I want to acknowledge our history, traditions, founders and Movement as a whole.  I also want to give everyone a glimpse of exactly what a young Leader experiences in her journey as a young Leader, Olave, mentor or all three.

Feel free to kick along for the ride, like most girls, leaders, family and friends, it could be an experience you’ll never forget.

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