Switzerland: My afternoon of adventure, before the real adventure began!

Upon my arrival to Our Chalet, I was greeted by one of the Winter Volunteers (affectionately known as Vollies), Lesley.   A lovely woman, her duties for the day were guest services.  She introduced me to Maegan, and let me know which room I would be staying in.  It just so happened that the first night I spent at the Chalet, I spent in the Bonderspitz room, the exact mountain I had decided would be my peak, only days earlier.  (A peak means that you reach the very top of the mountain, Bonderspitz being just over 2500m high.)

After settling into my temporary overnight abode, having a shower, and getting changed, I decided it would be a good chance to adventure into the valley town that is known as Adelboden.  This in itself was very much so a challenge, as being on one side of the valley, meant that you had to climb down the valley, and back up the other side to get into town, and the other way round on the way back.

However, it was a nice walk into the valley (despite getting slightly “lost” on the way), and obtaining some postcards and stamps, I was all set.  I decided to head back to the Chalet, to *shock horror* go on the net and let people back home know I was safe.  It was here, in the T-Bar (where everyone at the Chalet could chill, have a hot chocolate and browse the net) I met Sally, an Australian Autumn Vollie, who had only arrived a few days earlier.  At this time, the summer vollies were finishing their time at the Chalet, and the Autumn vollies were taking over, and there were FAR more vollies than guests the entire week I was at the Chalet.  Sally then took me around and introduced me to the rest of the Autumn vollies that were currently living at the Chalet, Mackenzie, Mette, Aisling, and of course Maegan. 

During this afternoon I saw some wonderful views, met some people (locals and visitors alike) during my solitary adventure, and learnt my way a little around Adelboden, a magnificent little area, that would be my home for just over a week.

Hiking back up to Our Chalet

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