In 1907 the Boy Scout movement was born. This new concept was created by a man known as Lord Robert Baden-Powell, affectionately known as BP to the millions who are involved in the Guiding and Scouting movements. Scouting was created based on military training, however had a much more fun and exciting delivery, allowing boys to learn survival, tracking and camping skills in a safe environment.

Because of all the fun the boys were having, the girls wanted to join in. On the 4th September 1909 was the first Boy Scout Rally, organised by BP, at the Crystal Palace. This was to be a historic event, not only for Boy Scouts, but as BP found out, many generations of girls as well. At the end of the rally were a number of girls dressed in Scouting uniform, and calling themselves “Girl Scouts”. After the rally BP spoke to them, and they asked him to let them be Scouts to.

BP decided it was necessary to offer the girls similar opportunities as he’d offered the boys, and set about with his sister, Agnes Baden-Powell, creating a program that began in 1910 known as Girl Guides, running parallel with the Boy Scouts. Girl Guiding (and Boy Scouting) spread across the world, with troops and units being created in countries everywhere.

The centenary of Guiding is lasting for three years as Guiding was first introduced in 1910 in England, and Girl scouting in the USA (one of the largest Girl Guiding and Scouting movements worldwide) wasn’t introduced until 1912.

 And there you have it, our very beginnings. Where the Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding movement began. All it took was some young women to stand up for what they wanted and believed in…

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